10th January 2013

I've made lot's of changes on 'platformer' recently and hope to get all builds (pan/win/lin) up here soon. Keep checking...

11th December 2012

Here's a very very very early version of my next project codenamed 'platformer'. Source coming soon...once I'm a little bit happier with it.
It's windows only here. I've actually improved it a hell of a lot but I don't have an up to date windows build handy :-( platformer

24th September 2011

Here we go, the final version of LemmingsSDL. Well, if anyone finds a problems, I will fix that and nothing else and then label it 1.0.0!
UPDATE: Just realised, the linux version was incorrect and I've added a link to the source as well :-) Enjoy all 5 people who are downloading it :-)

0.9.11 for Pandora
0.9.11 for Linux
0.9.11 for Windows


17th September 2011

Update to use proper resolution on pandora. Good for desktop if you have widescreen monitor. use -w 800 -h 800
Just added a pnd file - might work, might now - try it!

Pandora - (binary) (needs updated data) (pnd)
Linux - (zip)
src - (tar.gz)

I will update the links to the other versions tonight, I just wanted to ensure the ond worked before updating the repo

14th September 2011

Quick links here for a 0.9.9 V2(!). It hopefully makes the two-player game function ccorrectly as it wasn't possible to Nuke the game in two player mode.
Pandora - pnd

I will update the links to the other versions tonight, I just wanted to ensure the ond worked before updating the repo

12th September 2011

LemmingsSDL Version 0.9.9

Tow changes in this version:

* Progress is now saved
* 'inspect a lemming' mode (t to toggle) - Hopefully better for touchscreens

* That's all I can think of but I'm sure there's something else

Pandora - pnd** UPDATE **
Windows - (zip)
Linux - (zip)

Here's the Source

9th September 2011

LemmingsSDL Version 0.9.8
Just the Pandora binary as it only really applies that version.
*UPDATE* Pandora pnd file as supplied by foxblock! Thanks dude :-)
Here's the Source though.

Oh, the changes! An attempt at alternative controls for the Pandora. Still not sure if I'm building those changes in though but if it mentions Pandora build in the scroller then it should work...

5th September 2011

LemmingsSDL Version 0.9.7

Lot's of thing changed, can't remember what exactly but it's all good. Thanks to Covox (who setup the lem900 build) for helping with some nice optimisations so shouldn't wear batteries down so quickly!
Just remembered something! The ONML and xmas tunes are now in there and the ability to actually get to all those levels! I need some replacements for the level icons but I'm having trouble finding them...

Pandora (pnd) - thanks foxblock!



1st September 2011

LemmingsSDL Version 0.9.6

I honestly can't remember what I fixed here apart from increasing the time that the game is still on after a Nuke...and some other things
EDIT: Hmmm, seems like I might have broken it again - it crashes when starting server mode...arse.
EDIT AGAIN: Fixed it now though windows will have to wait :-(
please contact me with bugs and improvements etc

Download below:

Windows (still broken, haven't got windows build setup at home)
Pandora (zip),(binary), (No pandora pnd file yet - still haven't got that figured out)



25th August 2011

Here's version 0.9.5 of LemmingsSDL compiles for Win/Lin/Pandora! I've managed to get the 2 player game working again and fixed loads of bugs. Best, most complete version yet. please contact me with bugs and improvements etc

Download below:

Pandora (zip)
Pandora (pnd - thanks foxBlock!)



16th August 2011

It's been a while but it was bugging me so, I've made some changes that seem to stop it from crashing after a level ends, so here's V0.9.4
Just go to the repository for the Pandora version
I haven't zipped up the windows version yet but here's the source for now

20th November 2010

Foxblock very nicely packaged up and provided a pnd file: lemmings.pnd
Reports show that this version doesn't work perfectly though - too slow so they say...I'm trying to look into it but it's tricky not actually having a Pandora! The reports also say that it's still fun though...strange.

Here's the source as well: Lemmings_src201110.tar.bz2

I've put a new version up today(26th Feb)

LemmingsSDL Windows (26/02/10)

LemmingsSDL linux(26/02/10)


Might as put some useful info here.
command line params:

fs 0 - window mode (default)
fs 1 - fullscreen
w n - screen width
h n - screen height
buffer n - network frame buffer (actually pointless?)
ns - no sound (no value, bit inconsistant but still... example:

LemmingsSDL fs 1 w 640 h 480 buffer 2

'm' to cut music (can get annoying!)
'f' toggle fullscreen/windowed
's' Speed up lemmings (single player only)

LemmingsSDL Windows (24/02/10)
LemmingsSDL Linux (24/02/10)

latest source (24/02/10) (Linux/Win)


LemmingsSDL Windows (23/02/10)
LemmingsSDL Linux (23/02/10)

latest source (23/02/10)(Linux/Win)

Ye Olde Versions below:

source 10/02/10
source 06/02/10
source 01/02/10
source 29/01/10
source (~20th Jan)

and something entirely unrelated a tune

and something ELSE entirely unrelated an amiga demo tune