question of the week: what is your favourite food

song of the year: handy (weird al yankovik)

the moon landing

I've figured out that the moon landing was actually filmed at area 51 where the aliens landed, or so we are told... Please don't leave a dislike i am ownly 11 so don,t judge me also check out my youtube channel i will soon add more to it though. To get to it type in to youtube starcracker11 or just click me

how to reserect the dead!

As you know reserecting the dead is not yet done but i have found a way to do that,mwa ha ha ha

the devil

As you all probably know the sign of the devil is 666 and it just so happens that if you set the file permissions on linux it means that everyone can do anything to it and that is why everything should be set to 660 or even to make it more safe 650 and this is not because of religous reasons it is because of other complicated stuff. also if you have just had a child try to teach it that linux is better becaus its faster more efficent free and open source which mean you can do anything to it you could even set it to look like it was windows! last but no means least try to teach you child to programme in c++ because you can practically do anyhting in it and its quite fast.