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Asteroids with help with chatGPT

I made another thing today. This time I had the speccy game Thrust in mind. However, as these things go, it eventually turned into Asteroids.

Again I used chatGPT to get the ball rolling by first asking for a Spaceship class to be generated that consisted of a triangle, a velocity and angle. It made that with ease, so I then asked for it to be rotatable by using the arrow keys, then thrustable by using the up key. I then asked for an asteroid class by asking it to make a class that created a random irregular polygon, again with a velocity.

It started to get complicated after I asked for projectiles then are emitted in the direction of the spaceship. So at this point I manually rejigged all the code to use inheritance and submitted the entire code back to chatGPT. Then I asked for collision detection but because each objects wasn't using vertices (projectile was a rectangle, ship a triangle) I had to convert it first. Then it was just a case of asking for a function that checked two objects to see if any lines (based on given vertices) crossed. It worked first time and I didn't have to relearn some maths!

It needs some tweaking and maybe I'll add touch controls...or get chatGPT to add them anyway!

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I made a flappy bird type game. I first asked the AI to make an html page with a canvas and rectangles that scroll across the screen and return back to the right hand side when they reached the left. I then asked it to make gaps in each rectangle at random points and to reset the gap when it scolls around. I then asked for an object to be added that falls due to gravity but has a boost added when SPACE is pressed. Eventually it became too compllicated for the AI to be much more help and I had to work on my own in order to add different game-states, scoring etc. I think with carefull planning and somehow letting the AI get a better and bigger picture, much bigger applications could be developed this way. - check it out HERE

anothe try for fun!

Here's another AI generated image. I actually asked chatGPT to come up with something to type in! How lazy can I get?

anothe try for fun!


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