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The AI helped me get image files to upload!!!

Isn't it amazing. This took me...actually, it took me about half an hour to get it right. Would it have taken longer to figure it all out myself? I would bet on yes as a lot of this stuff I haven't looked at for years. Searching on google or whatever would have yeilded the same results but tbh this is more fun.

Next to figure out Reenforcment Learning on the car game that my and my son built last year!

Here's a picture anyway:

Emergent behaviour from simple loops

I was always interested in seeing what the computer came up with some complicated algorithm. I first found this from messing with different combinations of sine-waves, either tracing out a point on the Speccy screen or moving a point around in what seemed like a random movement...but of course not random at all!

Anyway, I got the AI to make this 'race and chase' effort, the added food into the mix to make some vaguely interesting behavior. I have found once the program is large enough, the AI tends to stop printing the code out. I have found if you manually refactor the code, then feed that back in - you can be more specific about the functions. A lot of this has had some hand tweaking though. Good anyway:  TRY SHITTY LIFE IT HERE

Dotty Audio

More stupid toys. This time a continuous tone, affected proportionally during collisions. Makes sound weird interesting noises...need to add sliders to change sizes...etc.
To Enjoy the pointlessness click here!

ChatGPT Map Generation

I used the amazing chatGPT to generate a map  based on a conversation with a colleague.
Click HERE to witness it in all it's glory!

Ok, it's not worth a great deal really. It's just perlin-noise with some 'fancy' colouring...but it's a start and I often find with programming projects, it's the starting that's the most difficult bit..

(now, will this very poor, AI generated form actually respect my line-breaks?)


wow, I'm amazed at the dots with physics

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